Pocket balm (10g)
Pocket balm (10g)

Pocket balm (10g)

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A pocket, easy-to-carry version of our healing balm.

Our healing balm is a 100% natural balm created using the Cheeseman family recipe of locally sourced nourishing Jarrah honey, calming beeswax, and antioxidant-rich olive oil, which has helped thousands of people to alleviate a variety of skin conditions.

Our Healing Balms are tested and approved as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG 184416), meaning they satisfy a set of principles relating to health and safety and confirmation of health benefits.

Uses: Our healing balm provides a moisturising and protective barrier on skin, and is typically used to alleviate the following conditions:

  • Dry skin, including lips;
  • Irritated, flaky or cracked skin; and
  • Friction damaged skin.

We have also received testimonials of our balms effectively treating the following conditions:

  • Burns, including chemical burns;
  • Rashes;
  • Superficial cuts and wounds; and
  • Severe skin conditions, including ichthyosis and eczema.

Usage tips: Apply a generous amount onto areas affected by and susceptible to dryness and abrasion, or onto areas suffering from any of the above conditions. Not intended for application on open wounds. Store below 25°C.

Note: Not recommended for children under 2 years old, as the high activity honey may cause infant botulism.

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