Mallee honeycomb (TA10+)
Mallee honeycomb (TA10+)

Mallee honeycomb (TA10+)

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Mallee honeycomb is a delicious addition to any food spread with its caramel "Wheat Belt" or "Bush" flavour, and is used in an increasing number of food and drink recipes. It is high in anti-microbial activity, making it a great medicinal product for preventing colds, supporting the immune system and promoting healthy glucose metabolism.

Honeycomb is honey in its purest form and, in addition to beeswax, may also contain some bee pollen and propolis, making it a nutritional powerhouse. Our honeycomb is 100% natural, unprocessed and our proprietary production method allows it to be packaged untouched by human hands.

Consuming honeycomb helps to soften, protect and repair skin cells from UV ray damage. Honeycomb is also an effective oral cleaner, cleaning gums and teeth and removing plaque.

Usage tips: Enjoy honeycomb with butter on fresh, warm bread, with oatmeal or yoghurt, add onto a charcuterie board, or indulge in a spoonful straight from the container.

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