Karri Honey (TA 20+)

Karri Honey (TA 20+)

The giant Karri tree, the world’s third tallest tree, are only found in the south-west of Western Australia grows to a height of up to 80 metres. Karri trees produce a very mild flower, which produces a very high activity and uniquely smooth tasting honey.


Karri trees only flower once every 7-10 years, making Karri honey very rare and extremely sought after.


Our honey is harvested from a green and clean environment. We use no chemicals or pesticides. Our honey is guaranteed 100% natural, sourced direct from the beekeeper and provided with no additives or preservatives.


We pride ourselves in selling only export quality pure honey. Each production of honey is given a certification by ChemCentre, a Western Australian statutory authority, certifying its activity.


    Colour: Dark golden

    Flavour: Smooth, light and delicate

    Storage: Cool, dry place