Blackbutt Honey (TA 15+)

Blackbutt Honey (TA 15+)

Blackbutt honey is a dark coloured honey with a unique rounded and full-bodied flavour unlike any other Eucalypt honey. This honey variety is especially popular with honey consumers in Asia.


Blackbutt honey is sourced from the Blackbutt Eucalyptus tree found in Western Australia. The trees grow in moist soils, usually near riverbeds. The honey is typically collected during December to February.


Our honey is harvested from a green and clean environment. We use no chemicals or pesticides. Our honey is guaranteed 100% natural, sourced direct from the beekeeper and provided with no additives or preservatives.


We pride ourselves in selling only export quality pure honey. Each production of honey is given a certification by ChemCentre, a Western Australian statutory authority, certifying its activity.


    Colour: Dark amber to black

    Flavour: Rounded and full-bodied; strong and sweet

    Storage: Cool, dry place