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Certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia as a Class 1 Medical Device

The stunning range of A Buzz from the Bees’ premium balm products are created from our traditional family recipe based on a unique combination of high activity Jarrah honey, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax.

Our premium balms provide a moisturising and protective barrier on skin, and is typically used to alleviate conditions such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin, and may also be used by individuals who typically suffer extremely dry skin or friction damage to exposed skin.


We have also received testimonials of our balms effectively treating burns, rashes and various skin conditions, including ichthyosis and eczema.

Our balm products are TGA tested and approved as a Class 1 Medical Device (ARTG 184416), meaning they satisfy a set of Essential Principles to do with health and safety, confirmation of health benefits, design and construction.


I couldn't have found A Buzz from the Bees healing balm at a better time. I had recently fallen and grazed a large area of the shin on my leg. As the wound was healing, it was itchy and irritating. I started applying the healing balm and had instant relief. The wound healed quickly and stopped giving me any trouble. Now at home it gets used for everything - as a lip moisturiser, mosquito bite relief, on dry heels, sunburn relief... the list goes on. What a fantastic product!

Primary School Teacher

Love these products! The lip balm is super silky and fantastic for dry chapped lips, and the healing balm has been fantastic for ailments such as cracked heels, flaky dry skin and even soothes and protects mild contact dermatitis! I can't rave enough about these skin products and I'm so confident that all of our customers will love them too!


My 5 year old suffers terrible eczema and I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on all kinds of different lotions/cream to try to help. Unfortunately when it flares up, most of those creams sting on application. Until my mum gave me a container of your healing balm to try! It immediately soothes the flare up and repairs it within 24 hours! This balm is amazing and I’m so grateful to have finally found something that helps my little man.





This is one of the best products that I have used! I have the healing balm, lip balm and pocket balm. The ingredients are all natural and its such a smooth and nice feeling product. Absolutely love that it is all made in WA and the customer care is just fabulous. Would highly recommend trying it out.